About Myself

I never really considered myself to be any sort of writer in the past. I spent most of my life studying art: drawing, painting, computer graphics, and received a bachelor’s degree in media arts. After college, I began working freelance as an artist. But, I always did love coming up with characters, and when I was younger I spent a lot of time drawing comics around the characters I came up with, combining art and writing together.

In college, I had very few writing classes outside of general education classes that focused on writing, and devoted myself mostly to art and design. But in my last semester I took a scriptwriting class, and decided to finally put the story of several characters of mine onto paper in a finished script. My teacher was very impressed with my work, and it gave me some confidence to consider writing as something to pursue. Years after I graduated, I decided to rework the script I wrote into a written novel. I ultimately kept most of the characters, changed the general story, and after a lot of re-writing and editing, I finished my first novel, Realm Wraith. And after a few years of consideration, I decided to publish the novel through Amazon Kindle under the pseudonym T. R. Briar.

I hope over time I can add more books to my library, and I will expand and update the site as more works come out.