This page is to list the work I’m currently either writing, revising, or preparing for publication. For anybody that wants to know what I’m up to



Night Shade (Working Title)

First draft written, currently being heavily revised.

Eridan Morgan always considered himself a rationalist. Accepted to the prestigious Windward Academy in one of the grandest cities in the world, he dreams of becoming a renowned scientist, and seeks to join the Order of the Hawk, the ruling governmental body of knowledge that oversees the fate of the entire nation. But when a strange storm washes him and his classmates into the river, he finds himself in another world entirely. A world where magic and fantasy are not only real, but he’s become a part of it.


Gateway (Working Title)

Draft in progress.

A new story idea I had that I just felt the need to flesh out. The story follows Michael, a going-nowhere convenience store employee whose attempts to dabble into the occult backfire horribly. Pushed through a dimensional gateway, he collides with a hostile creature from the other side, irreversibly entangling their minds and bodies together across two dimensions. Michael finds himself linked to this creature, both physically and mentally, and their existence itself becomes a portal that bridges the dimensional gap. They must work together to fend off hostile forces who would use this tangled existence for their own gain.


Celestial (Working Title)

Writing first draft, plot synopsis subject to drastic changes.

Another story in the Realm Wraith series, the story returns to the city of Langfirth, where the powerful Witte Company runs a business empire that spans the country. Nigel, the youngest son of the prestigious Witte family, is trying to balance his family and business obligations with his carefree, flirtatious lifestyle. When an uncovered artifact interferes with the construction of a new hotel, Nigel finds himself pulled in the middle of an ancient battle between light and dark. And he’s very upset at the way it’s ruining his life.


World Eater (Working Title)

First draft finished, in need of heavy rewrites.

A story I hammered out for NaNoWriMo last year that I feel has potential once it’s undergone some revisions and fleshing out. The story follows Silpit, a young alien whose world is shattered by invaders from the stars who take her to their spaceship fleet and use her as a science experiment. Through genetic re-sequencing, she’s transformed into one of them. When the fleet is destroyed, she escapes with the young son of the fleet commander. Can she learn to trust one of the very creatures who destroyed her world as they struggle to survive the dangers of the universe?