Realm Wraith

Rayne Mercer’s life changed on the day of his near-fatal accident. Ever since that moment, he has been the victim of bizarre nightmares, thrust into an unnatural world where madness rules. Now, he must fight for his life every time he falls asleep. And even in the waking hours, he finds that not all nightmares want to let go.

The first book in the Realm Wraith series.


  • Rayne Mercer:


A young lawyer and single father who shares a flat with his best friend David, and his son Levi. His ordinary life is turned upside-down when a near-fatal car collision leaves him paralyzed for life, and he finds himself drawn into another world whenever he falls asleep.

  • David Seraf:


A doctor who’s been Rayne’s best friend since childhood. A compassionate individual who puts others above himself, he acts as a second father to Levi, and takes care of the boy while his father is busy with work.

  • Levi Mercer:


Rayne’s six-year-old son. Levi is a very shy, fearful child who suffers from nightmares, and clings to his parental figures for support. He also has a crippling phobia of snakes that often results in panic attacks.

  • Gabriel Baines:


A politician from New York, Gabriel is an abrasive, determined man that Rayne meets in his nightmares. They form an alliance out of convenience, but their personalities are at constant odds with one another.

  • Apolleta Sanders:


A real estate agent from Los Angeles, Rayne meets her in his nightmares, and like Gabriel, she forms an alliance with him out of convenience. Initially hostile and close-mouthed about herself, she warms up to Rayne, and Rayne finds he can trust her as well.

  • Miranda Tomille:


A nurse who works at the same hospital as David, she attends to Rayne after his accident. Though cheerful on the outside, she hides a deeper sadness.

  • Darrigan:


A mysterious specter who calls himself a reaper, he appears by Rayne’s bedside after his accident. His motives are unknown.

  • Tomordred:


A nightmarish being Rayne encounters after his accident, the only thing known about him is that he should be avoided at all costs.