Realm Wraith: Prelude

A short, novella setup to the story Realm Wraith. This is the story of an old man’s nightmares, and the alien world he visits every time he closes his eyes. What secrets will he find when he explores a universe few understand? And will he survive long enough to tell the world?

A short tie-in story to the Realm Wraith series, set several centuries in the past as another Realm Wraith chronicles his story.


  • Castald: An aged former monk who lives a reclusive life away from his village. His past as a scribe taught him reading and writing, and he uses this knowledge to document his nightmares. He is a callous man who views the world through a detached lens, and distances himself emotionally from his experiences.
  • Ishaq: A Moor Castald has befriended during his nightly dreams who shares his fate. Ishaq is a calm man who is content to stay in one place, and has no desire to explore after an incident that cost him his sight.
  • Gunthar: A barbaric brute that acts as friend and muscle to Castald. He has crude manners and berates his friend for being old and weak, but he has his loyalties, and is eager to show Castald the places he discovers on his own.