Thought I’d just make a short post in anticipation; one week from today, running from March 31st through April 2nd, the Support Indie Authors group on Goodreads is hosting yet another Free and Bargain Books giveaway, the first one of 2017! So anybody interested in supporting independent authors or anybody who just wants some free books, keep the dates in mind. (I’ll probably make another post the day it starts.)

A lot of people are going to be giving away books for free and for 99 cents; I myself am going to offer my novel Realm Wraith for free, and the two sequels to it for 99 cents, so if you have any interest in those feel free to pick them up. I’ll also be giving away my Prelude novella for free during those dates for anybody interested.

And also to add, if anybody would like to keep up to date on when we hold these events, you can sign up for the Event Newsletter, which will email you whenever a new event is going on.