Meant to post sooner, but I’ve been taking antibiotics for the past few weeks to deal with a bacterial infection, and it’s been a little hard to focus on anything with all the fun side effects.

As anybody visiting this site can see, I’ve now switched it over to the new layout design, which I think looks a lot better than that brown coffee look. There are a few more updates in the works; right now the character page is a little threadbare. I’m seeing about following a suggestion from Sarah Sunday to put my character/series info in a wiki-type format, so I’m currently tinkering with that. If I can get something I’m happy with I’ll link it to the main site. Since this new character section is on its own subdomain it has a different setup that needs a bit of overhauling, mostly hacking away at the layout to look the way I want.

In addition to that, I’ve posted a ‘projects‘ page where I summarized a few of the writing projects I’m currently messing with, with the prospective titles, and a little bit about where I am in the project. I do hope to have the next novel in the series out either by the end of this year, or beginning of next one; it depends how much I have to overhaul it, and how long it takes me to put together a cover. I have a painting in mind I might use, but it’s the wrong aspect ratio, so I’ll have to edit it to be a proper book cover.


It might be a little too dark/low contrast too, so I’ll have to see. I may just start from scratch.