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New Site Feature

All right, so I did a little bit of tweaking and added a gallery plugin to the site. So now site visitors can click the “Gallery” button on the menu bar, and they’ll be able to browse some of my story related artwork. Assuming I don’t get lazy about uploading new images I’ll probably add…

A brief update

Meant to post sooner, but I’ve been taking antibiotics for the past few weeks to deal with a bacterial infection, and it’s been a little hard to focus on anything with all the fun side effects. As anybody visiting this site can see, I’ve now switched it over to the new layout design…

Site Redesign

After giving it a lot of thought (and noticing a lot of websites out there with much nicer designs,) I’ve decided I’m going to give my website a new look, hopefully within the next week or so….

Working and not working

I’d have to say right now the roughest part of writing for me is getting feedback from people who want to sit down and read my work. And that’s tough to ask from people because it requires a lot of time on somebody’s part to read a full-length novel….

Hello, and welcome to my site

I created this site to be an information station for my books and related works. I plan to continually update over time as new books are released, and add any information that might be useful. Right now I’ve only published my first book, but I have written more and plan to publish them in the…