Feels like I keep falling off the face of the planet as far as social activities go; I pop up, say things,and then go back into radio silence. Well, it is November, which meant that on top of trying to finish one draft, I also took a few weeks to jump back into NaNoWriMo to test out new ideas.

Normally that’s what I use November for; the rest of the year I might be struggling away with a draft of something, or editing, or art, or just wasting my time playing video games or something, but in November, I use NaNoWriMo as an excuse to just stop getting distracted and write. And I usually try to start with something fresh, i.e not writing anything connected to any series I’ve already written/published, not continuing any draft I’m working on for another 50k words. Just something new, fleshing out ideas I came up with and seeing how they work, and not letting second guessing get in the way of moving forward because I have a word goal to meet, dammit.

But it probably wasn’t the best idea this year to stop the draft I was currently working on to engage in a little side project, even if for only a few weeks, because I found my train of thought constantly derailed; I wanted to go back to the other draft I was working on, and I couldn’t completely devote myself to the new project. Which meant that once I hit 50k words and validated it to make sure I hit the goal, I went right back to the other draft, which I felt was a disservice, since the project I did for NaNoWriMo was actually sort of interesting, and I’d like to flesh it out a little more when I’m a little less distracted by other projects.

But, either way, the story is there, and while it’s not finished, it’s got a good start and a good direction. So hopefully when the mood is better I can go back to messing with it–and who knows, maybe it’ll be something worth publishing once it’s polished.