Category: Writing

Upcoming Novel Progress

So after getting my third novel, River of Hell (working title that is very much likely to be changed) back from being beta-read, I’m one step closer to publishing it….

Another November

Feels like I keep falling off the face of the planet as far as social activities go; I pop up, say things,and then go back into radio silence. Well, it is November, which meant that on top of trying to finish one draft, I also took a few weeks to jump back into NaNoWriMo to…

Parallel Thinking

I figured I’d start doing more blog posts where I just muse about thoughts related to writing, as well as the industry itself. Mostly when a random thought comes to mind that I figure I should just lay out there….

Working and not working

I’d have to say right now the roughest part of writing for me is getting feedback from people who want to sit down and read my work. And that’s tough to ask from people because it requires a lot of time on somebody’s part to read a full-length novel….