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A Long Awaited Announcement

I am very pleased to finally say that the third book in the Realm Wraith series, Infernal Heirs, has finally finished its latest bout of proofreading, and is about ready to be published. I just want to thank all my friends and family who took the time to look over the book and find the…

The Ghost of Christmas Book Blast!

Happy Holidays everybody! The year’s almost over, and Support Indie Authors is hosting the final book blast of 2015. On Saturday, December 19th, you’ll find over fifty titles from forty different authors covering a wide range of genres….

Night of the Living Book Blast!

For anybody interested in a lot of free reading material from independent authors just in time for Halloween,…

Branching Out

Currently in the editing process for my latest book, which I hope to put out soon. It may or may not need some larger overhauls depending on the feedback I get, and I’ll have to work on getting a cover together. I recently noticed that some of my books had been listed on, which…

Seven Origins is now available.

The second book in the Realm Wraith series is now available for download on Amazon.  As part of the promotion, Sunday, December 14th through Thursday, December 18th, the first book, Realm Wraith, along with the short novella that goes with it, are going to be available for free….