I am very pleased to finally say that the third book in the Realm Wraith series, Infernal Heirs, has finally finished its latest bout of proofreading, and is about ready to be published. I just want to thank all my friends and family who took the time to look over the book and find the mistakes that I would easily have missed, as well as all your help with coming up with a title, and for your feedback on my cover and blurb.

So, now I can finally say I have set a date for the book’s actual release: October 13th, about a month from now. I’ll probably start advertising on Twitter and around the internet to get the word out, and anybody interested in my previous novels can expect them to go on sale around the time of the book’s release.

It’s been a very long wait for this book, because I felt it needed to be closely looked at, and it’s not always easy finding people with the time to sit down and read your work to give you feedback so you can improve on your original drafts. I’m very grateful to the people who did find the time, because the book will be all the better for it. So, come October, all that long, hard work will come to an end, and people will finally be able to read the conclusion (at least to this part) of the Realm Wraith series.

See you in October.