I know I’ve been kinda silent for the past…almost year. There hasn’t really been a lot for me to talk about since then.

I had to take a several-month hiatus from art/writing/pretty much anything using my hands after injuring my wrist back in October. Since then I’ve been mostly taking it easy, doing work at minimal, not writing too much because I didn’t want to aggravate the injury. It’s gotten a lot better now but I still need to be careful not to overstress myself and wind up injured again, or I might end up doing some real permanent damage.

I have to say it’s kind of eye-opening when you injure something you take for granted, and realize just how much stuff you actually need your wrist for. I tend to be kind of a workaholic when it comes to art or writing, spending long hours just hyper-focused on whatever task I’m doing, and that sort of thing causes strain. And I guess as you get older you need to learn to take things easy so you don’t completely break the only body you’re given.

Anyways, now that my wrist is on the mend I’ve been getting back into writing. I have a short story I wrote over the holidays, debating if I want to publish it as an ebook or if I should just post it here. Also been working on finishing a novel I started some time ago, I’m a good 66k words in and probably a little over halfway done. Maybe I’ll have the first draft finished over the summer so I can consider getting it proofread and possibly published; I think the story has potential, at least.

And I do still plan to re-release my Realm Wraith trilogy with illustrations; thankfully the art part is done so I don’t have to break my hands finishing that, I’ve just been slow about giving the books additional proofreading before I release them. So maybe before the end of the year I’ll have that done. I’ll post more if I have any new information.