Been a while since I posted anything on my blog. Haven’t disappeared from the internet, just not really much of a social person, so keeping the internet updated on what I’m doing is always going to be a little foreign to me.

But some news: for the past 4 months or so I’ve been working on illustrations for the Realm Wraith series. I have talked on and off about plans to re-release the books as an online box set, and as an added incentive, I plan to also include illustrations of scenes within the book. How many I ultimately publish will depend on the final file size and how difficult it ends up being inserting the images into the novel. But for the most part I’ve planned out about 9 illustrations per book, so 27 images total, and if that’s too many I’ll just cut some out.

So far, only book one has images fully drawn, scanned, and cleaned up. Books 2 and 3 have finished illustrations, but are still in various stages of being scanned and cleaned, so I don’t have an estimate of when I’ll re-release the books. But to give readers an idea of what the illustrations will look like, here’s a few preview images from the first book:

Though I normally work with digital, these images were all done using a pen and ink wash on 11×15 watercolor paper, which I then scanned into the computer and cleaned/fixed up digitally.

And in related news, I decided to start up a Patreon page for my artwork. I plan to post some freebies, but also focus on more exclusive artwork for people who pledge, and possibly offer higher quality versions of existing artworks. As a start, I’ve posted these sample images, but I also uploaded previews for all 9 of the illustrations to Book 1 for patrons if people want to see the images in advance before I publish the re-releases.

So that’s it for now; hopefully I’ll be able to post more often instead of just vanishing into the internet shadows again.