I am happy to announce that the third book in the Realm Wraith series is now available on Amazon Kindle. It’s been a long road getting the book written, proofread, and ready to go, but hopefully all that work will pay off. I’m pretty happy with the novel, and everybody who’s beta-read the book so far has been pretty positive about it.

This is my longest work yet, running to about 528 pages (almost 180,000 words.) The preview linked above covers almost five chapters, which should be more than enough to draw people in. I feel it wraps up the last loose ends still dangling at the end of the original novel, but still leaves the door open for future stories set in the Realm Wraith universe.

To promote the release of the book, I am tentatively planning to put a few of the other novels in the series on sale this weekend; I’ll post an update once I have the details straightened out.

In the meantime, I hope everybody who buys this book enjoys it, and please look forward to my next work! Thank you everybody.