I suppose I haven’t used the blog function of this site much since it launched, which I had meant to do as a means of keeping people up to date on my writing. But in the last year, I have gotten some things done, and I’m just about ready to publish the sequel/prequel to Realm Wraith on Amazon. I’ve spent the last month tweaking over the final draft, working on a cover, and getting everything set up. I’ll update the site once it’s available for sale.

In the meantime I’ve done a little site reorganizing. Rather than keeping all the story info on a single page, each book now has its own section for plot summaries, characters, and whatever other details I want to include. You can navigate to each book from the menu dropdown, or through the main story info index.

Also, I now have a twitter account specifically for my writing, which I am keeping more active than the blog. It’s primarily for my publications and for me to just post whatever thoughts and insights I might have into my writing process, or as a forum to showcase any character designs/art that I feel like displaying publicly. You can follow me at @briarsan, and I’ve added a twitter feed to the sidebar of this blog so my tweets should show up here too.

Think that’s about it; I want to wish anybody reading this blog a happy holiday, and look forward to a new year.