I created this site to be an information station for my books and related works. I plan to continually update over time as new books are released, and add any information that might be useful. Right now I’ve only published my first book, but I have written more and plan to publish them in the future.

You can find more information about me and and my background on the Author page. To go into a little more detail, I originally wrote Realm Wraith over two years ago, after a long dry spell of not writing at all. One day I just had the idea to take the old novel I’d written, and do something new with the characters. I wanted to do something more psychological instead of just straight-out supernatural fantasy, and decided to work with a plot involving characters who question their sanity after near-death experiences. The finished story was a little more straightforward than I’d intended, but I was still happy with it.

These are characters I’d spent many years developing, and even though the overall plot of the story had changed, the characters themselves were still the same, and I thought the story worked in their favor overall. I didn’t do much with the story after that, beyond having a friend edit it. I did start writing more, wrote out several sequels to the novel, and also started participating in NaNoWriMo. After a while, I decided maybe I should try publishing my novel. An eBook seemed like the appropriate platform, as I would retain direct control of my work, so I decided to publish through Amazon Kindle. I made some overhauls and did some rewrites to work out the kinks, with some help from friends and my sister, who were nice enough to read the novel and point out problems. I also decided to write a short tie-in to the novel to act as a teaser, something I could sell or give away cheap to give people a sample of my writing. Since Kindle doesn’t let you give books away for free, I put it up for $0.99, which I figured was still in “impulse-buy” territory.

So with everything done, I published the novel. And here we are. Hopefully I’ll have more to add; I may use the blog part of this site to talk about my writing, or provide writing samples. I may also add a gallery eventually to display the artwork I’ve done that relates to the books. For all of you who have bought my novel so far, thank you for your support, and I hope you’ll continue to support my work in the future.