TowerAbstractSo, already halfway through March. I had hoped to be closer to publishing my third novel by this point, but editing can be very time consuming. I have currently finished editing the second draft and now I’m working on getting more feedback from beta-readers so I can finalize the work, send it to the proofreader, and hopefully have it available for purchase soon-ish.

In the meantime, I am working on getting a cover done. Or I was. Ideas sometimes just come out of nowhere and I had an interesting story idea I wanted to play with, so I put the cover on hold for a little bit while I fleshed the idea out a little bit. If it goes somewhere I could probably get a good story out of it. (You can find more information on my projects page.)
Anyways, the cover. For the most part I’ve settled on the idea of featuring the tower from the story as the cover piece, but that requires the difficult task of designing an otherworldly structure, and architecture is not my strong suit. But I’ve been fleshing out ideas, trying to compose something that’s a mix of organic and architectural elements

CatalystCoverRough1 CatalystCoverRough2


I’m still trying to figure out if I want the tower centered or more off to the side in a warped perspective shot.

CatalystCoverRough3 CatalystCoverRough3a2


At least now I have a stronger idea of what I want, so it’s a matter of just adding details, fleshing out light and shadow, and adding color, making it all fancy. And of course I have to add the title, author name, etc. But I’m optimistic it’ll be pretty nice when it’s finished.