2016-06-11_23-37-44I suppose I’ve been kind of quiet on twitter/ the internet in general regarding where I am with my current writing projects, so a few updates to cover. First off, after passing around the drafts of the third novel in the Realm Wraith series, I believe I am about done with major editing, and have sent the book off to be proofread. Once that’s taken care of I will be all set to publish it. So, barring any unforeseen catastrophes, hopefully within the next couple months.

Not only is the draft mostly finished, but I have also finished the cover, and finally settled on a title. I’ll post the cover a little later, maybe closer to when the book comes out. For the title I have settled on Infernal Heirs, which fits the story perfectly. I’d like to thank several of my friends for helping me brainstorm and coming up with that one.

I am also still currently working on some other projects, though they are still very much in the first draft stage. They are outside of the Realm Wraith series, letting me experiment with some new ideas and universes. Hopefully I’ll be able to turn them into finished works that will eventually see publication. I’ll post updates on those once that happens.

So not much to say beyond that; I’ll make another update when the book is about ready to be published with an official date.