I’d have to say right now the roughest part of writing for me is getting feedback from people who want to sit down and read my work. And that’s tough to ask from people because it requires a lot of time on somebody’s part to read a full-length novel. Which is probably why I’ve been having trouble with the project I’m currently working on. I’ve written pretty much an entire book’s worth of words four times now, and each time I either stop right before the conclusion, or I do conclude it, and I decide “No, this isn’t what I wanted to do” and I start over from scratch. Sometimes I go back and read over what I wrote months later and it doesn’t seem so bad, but I still want to try again and get the story I want down.

So I’m trying it again; I think the issue for me is I have the characters, I have the world, the setting, the villain, the motivations, but it just seems like the plot won’t come together. It’s frustrating, but I’m persistent.

In addition to the novel, I’m debating using this site as a place to post short snippets or stories, so people can read them and get an idea of my writing style, or I can get feedback without making people read an entire novel. (Plus, you know, it’d be free.) Would give me a reason to post more often since I seem to keep forgetting to update this blog.